Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy A Printed Copy Of The Book?

At the moment it is available specifically as a download, on PC, Mac or laptop computers –  on payment, you will instantly receive a downloadable copy of the book. To make it available as a printed book at this time would cost a lot more money and I would have to include those costs in my pricing. However, once downloaded the book is yours to do as you wish with it, so you can print off a copy of your own with no problems.

Does This Book Cover Every Subject?

The book itself is a general guide to how you get a teaching job. All subjects are covered by the advice given in all sections, and there are specific references for how to create a resume and cover letter for a job application in more than forty subjects – all of which are relevant with minor changes to other subjects. Nonetheless, the book is frequently updated – so if your own subject is not covered and you cannot see a comparable subject in the book, let me know and I'll consider it for a revision.

How Does This Book Account For The Fact That Every Interview Board Is Different?

The real strength of this book is that it does not tell you what you have to say in so many words. Any book that does that will be limited in its scope and will be pretty much useless because if you just learn someone else's words you cannot make them sound as convincing. This book instead shows you how to craft your answer, and how to be impressive in oral board interviews.

You Said That Updates Were Frequently Made Available –  How Much Do I Pay For Those?

You don't pay anything for them. On first purchasing the book, you gain immediate and direct access to the members' area for life. The updated versions of the book will be made available there when they are published, and will be available for free to all members. You've already bought it once, I'm not going to charge you again!

How Do I Get The Book?

On receipt of your payment the book will be made available for immediate download. No waiting around for an email, no sitting by the door waiting for the mailman. It's there for you to download and read immediately.

Why Are You Making The Book And The Bonuses Available So Cheaply?

Because I think this information is important and it will give good teachers the best possible chance of getting the job for which they are suited. Teaching is not just any job governed by the rules of the market. Once you are employed, there is more job security and, regrettably, that applies to bad teachers as well as good ones. I want good teachers to get jobs – and a good teacher can be rich, poor, young, old, or any other category. I want everyone to have an equal opportunity to get the job they deserve, because teaching is not an industry that we can afford to leave to those who are less able to teach but better able to pay.

Is The Online Transaction Secure?

Like Fort Knox. We transact through Clickbank, which is the most trusted online transaction provider available. Thousands of ebooks are sold daily through this software and their servers are absolutely bullet-proof. If you are not familiar or comfortable with Clickbank we do also allow payment by Paypal – and they themselves have a very tight policy on security.

What If I Download The Book And I'm Not Happy With It?

I can tell you now that the last thing I want is an unhappy customer. I have gone to great lengths to make this book as comprehensive and as useful as possible for prospective teachers right across the board. But I accept that there may be some people who feel it did not come up to the standard they expected. If this is the case for you then rest assured I have a 60-day money back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with the book, please let me know by email at and I will send you a refund.

You're Putting In A Lot Of Bonus Ebooks For No Extra Cost –  Are These Any Good?

I believe, first and foremost, in giving value for money. Some of these bonuses were written by myself and I could sell them separately, but I think they enhance what is included in the main book while being different enough to stand on their own. There are some other books included that are by different authors. They are happy for me to include them as bonuses because it enhances their marketability, and I am happy to include them as bonuses because I think they add to what I have written myself.

Most of all, I think that with the information included over the whole package, you will have the best opportunity possible of turning your teaching ability into a well-paying job. That is my goal – I want you to learn enough from these books to be a salaried teacher before too long, because I like a satisfied customer.

What If I Have Questions About The Book After I Have Bought It?

I am dedicated to giving the best customer service I possibly can, and I will answer any questions you want to ask. I have endeavored to make everything in the guides as clear as I possibly can, but I realize that there may still be some elements which are less clear to someone else. As the writer of the book, I am in the best position to clarify, and I am happy to be in contact with a customer and to be able to ensure that they get the best out of the book. If you email me at I will be only too happy to discuss any matter that you wish to bring up.

I Have Bought Similar Guides Before And Had No Real Success –  What Makes You So Sure That This Is Any Different?

As a teacher, I had to do research to make my lessons relevant. I retain this instinct for research and so when I sat down to write Teaching Job Interview Secrets I wanted to make sure that the book was as good as it could be, so good that it would give every prospective teacher the best chance possible of getting into work. I have seen the interview process from both sides and have innumerable contacts in the industry. I also have bought and read other guides in a research capacity. Some were good, others not so good.

What I gained from reading those guides was a knowledge of what is missing. In many of them, it was an assumption that one teaching interview is the same as another. Very often, this just is not the case. There are so many variables, and I wanted to make this guide a “one-stop shop” for newly-qualified teachers and people who wanted to get back in to the profession. I therefore made the focus of this book about getting the best out of you. Rather than concentrate on what you should say, I have focused on how to give the best impression by showing yourself in the best light.

Too many of the books I have read focused on giving a set answer to a set question – but teaching job interviews are not cookie-cutter meetings that are always the same no matter where and when you interview. The only constant is you, and that is what I have concentrated on. Sure, there are some things which are always the same, and they are dealt with in the book. The most important thing for me was that the guide equipped you to give a 100% performance in the interviews.